We generally take this word, i.e. Domestic Violence as very casual and normal at the same time. We think that there is nothing bad in beating, torturing the feminine characters as they are made for these sufferings only. This is a preconception that they can’t do anything other than household chores. Even many parents think that it is very necessary for their daughters to learn these works no matter if they are studying or not. Letting them learn household chores (moreover making food) is given more preference than studying because ultimately they will have to make food no matter how much educated they are. 

We have heard that Charity begins at home. Similar is the case of Domestic Violence, it is not necessary that a girl is only being beaten, tortured by her partner or her in-laws, violence can take place anywhere, anytime, even in parents home and that too by brother or father. Is this sounding STRANGE? Might be or not!


The act i.e. DOMESTIC VIOLENCE ACT was launched 15 years back i.e. way back in 2005, but there are very few cases which are being reported because women don’t come forward. The reason for the same can be any, may be they find it obvious( to get tortured ) or don’t have much courage to go against their families or they might be thinking that what would society say (which we all think for something or the other).

Let’s take a pledge (either we are male or female) that we would not suffer or let anyone suffer from this disease (yes it is indeed a disease only). We should make this earth a happy place for every creature be it men or women.


Stay home, Stay safe.                                                                              Keep Reading

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