How to make this world a better place

this is an Facing toward the Sky, I was sitting in the corner of the open lawn, lost in my own thoughts, like the ship lost its way in the middle of the sea. Light was dim around me, low music was making the ambience more relaxing, perfect to think. People were enjoying the party, dancing, and drinking but thanks to the god, they were at unapproachable distance from me.

A sweet voice reached my ear, “Is there anyone who is interested to dance with me?”.

Her voice was so angelic. She was a fair complexion girl with shiny eyes wearing a black saree. Her brown shaded hair was talking to the wind, and the part of it was covering her face. Her black saree was looking expensive, she had a golden raga on her hand and her nails were being painted black. Uff ! She was perfect girl to fall in love at first sight, but my conditions were little different. Now do not think that I am gay, or I have some dysfunction, but I have some trust issues.

While I was lost in her appearance, she interrupted

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