Dreams, Our Dreams.

Everyone has dreams be it fulfilled or on the way to get them  fulfilled. Some persons’ dreams are aligned with their parents’ dreams and some have totally different.

On the way to our dreams,we go through many ups and downs.  Sometimes people used to make fun(laugh) of(at) us. We also get many tantrums by people. Some also hurl brickbats on us that we don’t have the abilities, necessary qualities, etc. There come many times when people try to pull us down, try to make us inferior and due to which we start losing our morale. This ultimately hampers our inner strengths and we tend to become weaker and weaker day after day. So, stay positive and maintain distance from the people who make you feel negative.

We should always try to not lose hope in spite of hurdles we face as “there was never a night or a problem that could defeat sunrise or hope“.  So, keep the hope alive.

Stay positive and happy as our inner-strength plays a vital role in achieving our goals to fulfill the dreams and in making our mindset better and we would be able to do more fruitful things.

Take Care!

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