Aashaa Foundation is a charity organization; it is a non-profit organization that helps people all over the world not only in a natural disaster but in disease breakout & war. In other words, we say that it helps people who seek help. It builds houses for the homeless & provides aid to a natural disaster victim or war victim. Under this NGO-our vision & our mission, Aashaa Foundation is a global leader with a worldwide movement dedicated to ending poverty. We all are known everywhere for our unshakeable commitment to the dignity of people, our vision is to be a preferred human service continuing education provider with a training presence through our Aashaa Foundation member & also our vision explains the overall goal of our organization looking into the future while another form Missions outlines about the present plan to realize the vision.

OUR VISION-Social Issues of the Society

·          Children are unable to get an education in the right direction.

·          Excess of impoverishment, & Reduced social awareness in people.

·          Animals brutality, Reduced planting of plants & Spread of pollution in the atmosphere.

·         People have a feeling of hatred towards each other; the end of morality and friendship etc. A problem in our society…

The social issue is a problem that influences many citizens within a society; it has become a common problem in present-day society & one that many people strive to solve. So, we work for people to solve their problems, which is often the consequence of factors extending beyond individual control. Many social problems such as caste system, poverty, child labor, child marriage, illiteracy, low status of women, gender inequality at work, dowry system, homelessness, homelessness population, bullying, hunger, drug abuse, etc are prevalent in our society. Our NGO helps this type of people and also organizes various events for them . Effect of Social problems -Unequal distribution of energy, power cuts & load shedding, demand for energy from other states, overall society suffers economically, and hence development is hampered

We try to come alongside people and interact with our supports so they know that we see them, we are with them & we are in this together.







·         Helps people who are socially and economically weak.

·         Protect the Environment.

·         Create social awareness in society.

·         Contributing to solving the case of the killing of animals and birds

·         To reduce poverty and move towards providing education to children.

·         Promote girls’ education & women’s empowerment in rural areas.

 Children are unable to get an education in the right direction. Our NGO, Aashaa Foundation, an endeavor in protection & creation of awareness about the rights of disadvantaged & marginalized sections of the society, plan and design initiatives which would have positive impacts on society. India has an enormous presence of NGO’s each of them working on different issues on problems prevalent in society. But, NGOs in India have made remarkable efforts in using technology efficiently to implement development programs. NGO enables citizens to work together voluntarily to promote social values & civic goals that are beneficial to them. They promote local initiative & problem-solving through their work in a broad array of many fields as- Environment Protection, health care, poverty, alleviation, culture &arts Education, etc. And they were also made the project to participate in the public forums & formulation of government policy and plans. In addition to these, NGOs also work to empower deprived sections of society by providing them education, basic needs, training of vocational skills so that they can earn their own live a life of dignity

” Don’t tell us all reasons this might not work . Tell us all the ways it could work”


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It’s impossible to help people without people helping others. We always need volunteer who love to help.

Meet Our Team

CEO : Ritika Singh
Founder : Avnish shukla
Trusty : Kritika Soni

Meet Our Management Team

Simran Agrawal
Sakshi Sapra
Shreya Pandey
Himanshi Soankar
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